Faith and Culture Inclusion Network

Dedicated to the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities within faith and cultural communities in Ontario.


The resources available on our site are for anyone’s use.

The FCIN actively promotes inclusion and the resources included here are created and shared by our members. Although the content may not reflect your personal views we celebrate our differences and appreciate the ability to learn from each other.

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Spirituality of Letting Go When we can’t do it all

On one foot a Judaic Q & A (PDF) What makes Reena truly unique is our emphasis on providing Judaic programming and a Jewish environment for the persons we support, through which they may develop spiritually and grow to feel a connection and sense of belonging to their roots, culture and community.  

Church Engagement : building communities of belonging Looking to equip your church in welcoming people with exceptional needs? Check out the websites, videos and resources here.

The Disability & Faith Forum, a blog dedicated to equipping people with an interest in disability and faith. Stories, resources, events and videos are often featured here. Sign up to receive updates by email. 

Autism and Faith (video, 31:23 minutes) Families of children with autism talk about their experiences in the faith community. “This video is designed to be a tool to start the communication process and foster stronger support for families in their various religious congregations.” Published by SaharaCares.Net Utah

Bereavement Education Workshop Provides an overview of Bereavement Supports and what typically happens when someone accesses our services. Shares some ideas, tools and resources that may be helpful as you support someone through grief and loss. Grief can make people uncomfortable and we want to encourage you as you support others through grief and loss. 

Presence to Participation: The Spirit is Not Disabled webinar series. Each webinar focuses on experts in the field of disability ministry, from both outside and internally to the Salvation Army, from around the world. We also hear from those who have personal lived experience with disability.