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Faith and Culture Inclusion Network

Dedicated to the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities within faith and cultural communities in Ontario.

Welcome to Faith and Culture Inclusion Network

We are committed to:

Engaging faith and cultural organizations, families, government, and community leaders towards accessibility and innovation by promoting inclusion for people with developmental disabilites in all walks of life. 

What you will find on our Website

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About Us

This section provides information about the history of the Faith Culture and Inclusion Network (FCIN) and our vision for the future.

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In this section you will find Links, Network Groups and Materials that others may download and use for teaching purposes.

  1. Links will connect to other agencies that might be able to help you find information.
  2. Network groups are umbrella organizations that represent all the developmental services agencies.
  3. Materials are tools and teaching resources that you can use to teach or help others in your organization about a variety of topics.

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This section includes Events, Announcements and Position Papers:

  1. Events are webinars, meetings, etc.
  2. Announcements include changes about what is happening in Developmental Services.
  3. A Position Paper is an opinion about a decision that government or another organization that impacts Developmental Services.
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Our Members work in the developmental services sector. They work for different agencies in Ontario.

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Have any thoughts, comments, questions, or something to contribute? Fill out the form here, we’d be happy to hear from you! Click Contact