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The Toronto Jewish Disability Resource Guide; Sept 2015, 148 pg pdf

Christian Horizons resources

L’Arche resources

  • I Belong: Everyone needs friends. If you are a young adult with an intellectual disability who wants friends, this website is for you!
  • Grief Support Group Kit for people with intellectual disabilities. The Kit consists of 3 documents–a Manuel for Facilitators, A Journal for participants, and a Background document that describes the beginnings of this work in L’Arche Toronto.
  • Aging and Disability: Life can be overwhelming for aging adults, especially those with disabilities, and their families and caregivers. This site offers wisdom and practical tools to face the challenge of aging with grace and dignity.

My Community Hub was launched recently to support families with online easy access to fee for services to pay and choose programs for people with developmental disabilities. The goal is to be a provincial resource.  It is currently in a pilot phase with eight agencies and to be expanded.

Autism and Faith (video, 31:23 minutes) Families of children with autism talk about their experiences in the faith community. “This video is designed to be a tool to start the communication process and foster stronger support for families in their various religious congregations.” Published by SaharaCares.Net Utah (Feb 2013)


  • A Place of Belonging: Research at the Intersection of Faith and Disability 14 pg pdf; Erik W. Carter (2016)
  • Faith, Freedom and Fealty: Supporting People with Disabilities to Live Freely 6 pg pdf; Belinda Burston, Christian Horizons & Dave Hinsburger, Vita Community Living Services; published (August 2012) in “Service, Support and Success-The Direct Support Worker Newsletter Volume 1: Issue 10
  • The Challenge to Personhood 4 pg pdf Dr. Neil Cudney. (April 2013) “This is brief overview of some of the implications of current conversations surrounding ‘personhood’. It is a landmine-ridden subject laden with controversy, emotion, ideology and faith. One of the key difficulties lies in the fact that who the conversations are about and those whom are primarily affected are the very ones often unable to contribute to the discussion. Commonalities of inter-faith dialogue include some form of the ‘golden rule’ as well as a belief that a society is somehow measured by how it treats its weakest citizens. The purpose of this article is to draw attention to an already-at-risk population and begin to identify the important role faith and culture groups can play in advocating more humane ways of defining and defending personhood. It is hoped that this brief scan will raise both awareness and interest in the public discourse.”
  • Identifying Individual & Family Wishes Related to Culture and Faith Across a Lifespan (45 slides) Presentation by Arlene Margolese, Reena; John Guido, L’Arche Daybreak; Carol Chung, Mary Centre; Dr Neil Cudney, Christian Horizons at the Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilities (OADD) conference, April 2013

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